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Originally Posted by Alkaline View Post
Whilst legendary classes sound good, there won't be many players that benefit from them. Maybe have some legendary classes, and maybe some epic classes that require a certain amount of pilgrimages?
you already get epic HP and extra stats for doing pilgs, getting to 90 takes about
2000-3000 hours of RRT, depending on how fast your build farms.

The purpose of LG classes is to motivate players to get to 90. it's the end-game content, and rewards players for doing so. Adding in epic-classes in between 86-89 is just a way of you asking for a bigger bonus for doing pilgrim, and not actually wanting to put the effort into getting to level 90.

He made it easier with leveling recruitment skill, and companion quad exp rushes by a hair too, so my question to you is, why would you not want to put in the effort to get to 90? why limit your toon to being just decent, when you can push it to its highest capabilities by pilging to 90.

A toon should be level 86, so that way its no longer a soft-cap, but shouldn't stay there for too long imo, because you aren't getting to your fullest potential, just well. Some of it.

Plus if he made 86-89 class specific epic classes, and they happen to be broken, a lot of people would be pretty pissed lol. the regular classes are OP af already if you build your toon right. New Mid-Level zones will already make being a pilgrimmed toon more beneficial too, If Glitchless decides to do that this year. you could toggle something similar to heroic, and just farm lower zones as a cap, so that way the grind isn't as boring just doing N.lake - Pit over and over and over, can at least do other zones.

You should vote for new mid-level zones, if you want more incentive for going pilgrimage
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