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Originally Posted by Freakymagic View Post
As someone who has done most builds to a high level, I think people just need to stop being dumb. Yes if you compare archer or melee or low teir bms to dbl dders or dbl doter, they farm slow. However if you compare bms, melee and archers, they are not a huge difference in kill speed. If you compare the t1 melee with ef gear against the t4 kok bms then sure.

Dont lisen to people like sox who dont venge farm, dont have teirs, dont have pve pets, proper pve armor and then whine that melee kills slow.

Yes non dbl cast builds farm slower then the other options. But you gain other benefits. If you only care about farming fast then reroll to the faster pve build.

PLEASE STOP listening to the idiots who keep saying things are bad. Nibbles saying paladin needs a buff... paladin is ONE OF THE BEST CLASS'S in the game.

I agree that having more lg weapons with more diverse procs would be nice just for the extra options to builds.
Different procs, more efficient ones in pve that aren't as useful in pvp or something would be nice... but that's about it
something like... 10% chance to deal double damage against mobs under 50% hp or something of that would help melee/bms/archers pve speed without adding a massive increase in their farm speed

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