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I am not good at math, and I understand most things are hard to implement without upsetting the pre-established balance, but here are some suggestions:

- I would love to see an ultra fast lg like the gleaming kris of light or grass sword, but an lg version. Low ultra fast consistent damage, perhaps with a rogue-like proc (increased evasion?).

- A 2handed spear that is great for 3 vs 3, perhaps with the introduction of zones where you fight 3 mobs at a time instead of 1 (the new zones maybe).

- A sigil that works like a shield but only when paired with staves? Not sure what kind of bonus (mre, mana regen or energy regen?), not something that makes everyone reroll to staffs, perhaps just with pve bonus for now.

- An offensive pve oriented shield, where whenever you get hit, you bash the mob dealing small amounts of damage.

- And yes, more combo options would be awesome. I will try to think of some more things!
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