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Im bad at calculation and sutch.. But for example we have blue dds that noone uses.. why not introduce them to be working for melee? also grey dds.. its sad to see so many different kind of dds but they are not worth of use cause they cant compete with the red DDs.. (could accually be for both pve and pvp to make these gems worth of use)

Paladin buff i think could be enough if more group based auras/weapons would be added, more different kind of builds simply

Fix whips (hellkok is simply too OP. ofc whips does damage but then they should accually be able to do enough for the loss of the big haste loss from hellkoks. already lost sharpen steel as an aura cause of pet haste)

Slashers, piercers and crushers i would like to see more differnt ones that works pve. maybe more weapons that has "if you have a slasher weapon in your other hand this weapon will...." we have one slasher and piercer combo (FUN!!) but would love to see more different kind.

Maybe more determinal auras that works pve? (dark night buff)

This is what i can think of now.. and i also has a suggestions to make arena reward be pvp lg and lg beast release pve lgs. (just a thought)
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