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I think the the implementations that will improve and keep the game continually moving in a positive direction are:

(In no order)

- 6 new skills - (more skills are always fun and interesting; especially like the idea that maybe new skills have prerequisites[i.e. get suiting to 100 before able to train new defensive skill or something])

- Legendary Tasks - like the idea that you can perhaps hunt down or quest towards a legendary. Everyone loves quests. Also, like the original post said, anything really that helps move players around; not just sit on one square for hours or days at a time, because that is the most efficient way to make gold.

- PK System Revamp - Anything that would entice more people to go pk is good. More pk's running around is very exciting.

- Legendary Classes - More elite, legendary classes sounds nice. More options.

- PvE Tempers - love it

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