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Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
Just checked the logs. Might want to add Lakki to the toon sharing list. This rant makes a bit more sense now. He's out of the running for the "if you hit it, we'll raise it" clause.
There have been two people to log my toon in the past few months. My girlfriend, who I admit. we do share toons, and a clannie who literally logged for a few minutes to check my build. Ever since I started my pilgrimage, no one else has used my toon for anything.

Why don't you actually look at how many hours I've farmed on my end from my IP address on THIS TOON? If i'm out of the " if you hit it, we'll raise it" clause, then that's stupid, there are plenty of people who log others toons to just simply craft an item, or move items. so if someone decides they want to binge farm, or grind, or just simply get a pilgrimage done, or whatever, you adding a time limit is silly to begin with.

You simply removed me out of the competition to prove that your time limit is silly because you knew I would actually meet the time that's met.

But i'll do you one better.

How about I change my password, and you reset my 84 hour weekly limit. that way you can't pull that BS card that someone has helped me, just because they logged my toon for a minute or so. Which again , is silly. If my girlfriend wants to log my toon she should be allowed, or if a clannie i've known for years who helped me through highschool logs for a couple minutes to check my build, makes your toonsharing stick-o-meter go haywire.

You should personally be able to see the time that each person has actually spent on a toon if you're adamant on such a silly change on micromanaging on how long people should actually be able to play a game. This game has Rollover Rested time / Rested time, which is already a time-restricting constraint on your progress, and if you want to make the progress you either bliss for more TC's, or buy TC's, or wait a few days to play the game again. because we all know TM gains are diminishing... lol, but back on topic.

I'd seriously be down to take your challenge if you're willing to reset my 84 hours and let me know when i can actually start it on a 'fair playing field' for us both., and i'll do my part and not let anyone log my toon for the duration of this challenge if you're willing to let me try it again.

Instead of in-game pilg, all you are doing is making me stay up for 12 hours per day each day, which is in a sense, an IN real life pilgrimage.

I don't like being told how long I can play a game sorry, nor should anyone. You may be the developer of the game, but do keep in mind that It's supposed to be FUN. I understand balancing a game and trying to keep economies from being overran and stuff like that, but you are literally telling people what they can, and can't do in the game twice, in a different way. The game already has Rested time restrictions, which can be paid off in TC's for gold, or blissed for. Only difference with this cap, is you can't bliss it away, or buy tc's to get rid of it.

I've played this game for 48 hours straight when I was a teenager on summer break, if people have fun playing a game and grinding away at it, they should have that right. I understand this is an MMO so control has to be tightened up a little bit, but this is a lazy attempt at getting rid of botters, and doesn't even affect people who sit toons, just people who no life it or do bot. But instead of actually looking into the botters, you just throw up some cheap solution that actually affects REAL players.

I've never seen something so silly in a game in my life, that actually doesn't let you continue playing the game any longer once you reach a certain threshold.

But curious to hear your response / thoughts on the matter.
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