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Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
High dust prices are good for new players since they are the ones who get the majority of epic drops from their initial boss kills.
you get rare / uncommon gears from boss kills. Never epics. O.o when we're epic due we usually get them from 36 hours of RRT, and we're afraid to even get them at redwood because gator TP's suck.

that being said....

There was a similar post on this, the moment dust prices raised to 600k.

perhaps it should be looked into. at least a little bit, to prevent monopolies occuring on the dusting market. they have risen from 450k to 750k being the standard, but desperate people actually buy them at 1.4m, so i suppose you could say the the price is 800k for them, but still. if the price basically doubled, in a month, something is wrong.
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