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I'd like to thank everyone for the feedback here and ingame.
Unfortunately, I'll have to put this project on hold, as I'm taking another long break.

I managed to finish the first step of this project and have the toon ready for rerolling (first post is updated with its current setup), paid the debt I had and am now running some errands to put the three toons into hibernate mode.

As many of the ones I talk with knew, I'm a developer working remotely since 2015 Q3 - hence the extra time for alt-tabbing other projects.
Starting on the next week, I'm moving to the company HQs for the next - and quite exciting - part of the job, which will make a huge dent on my spare time for at least a year long and the reason why I will not login anymore.

Thanks to Merc for having me for this whole time and taking me back after each break I took.
Also a big thanks to Glitchless team for designing such a unique game that was able to take my mind off things for good long hours.
Keep it up!

My 2016 project: Hasty Project

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