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Creating it
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Default Creating it

Last year, I came back playing after a few years off.
With the coming back, I started planning on a project to invest some game time and decided to run it through 2016.

One of the reasons behind this was unsb cost: both Zan and Sami have near complete setups (skills and main gear) that can make decent gold.
To play around with their equipment would require doing the unsb dance, which its cost alone (without considering the new gear price) would reach near the same value for equipping a brand new toon with LGs - while I'd still have the other two for gold income - and now I'd have a third for team arena.

Wanted to post it from the moment I started, but due to lazyness I just took some screenies along the way instead.
Now that the first -easy- part is almost done, I've decided to start the thread.

Meet the 2016 project: Hasty

And the new-years debt:

Used for 30 virtues, normal accel and 16 weeks standard + 1h rested time that I then converted to premium.

I`ll save some posts below for the next steps - three total

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