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Originally Posted by Felixandru View Post
Let me get this straight... a barbute of EF tier 4 is worth hundreds of dollars? unless you care to share additional account logs then you are indeed full of it mate... As for your password change now it is "omg but i didnt log in 2 years but wait i logged a year ago but wait i logged then" make up your mind please and thank you
he lost t4 helm 7 hero ess 23 t30 berries and 2 t4 legs. at current prices that's 8*3.3 x2 for both legs or 52.8. helm is 4.3 * 8 for 34.4 say 4m hero ess 6-8m ish armor ess. 3.5m in berries. so grand total of about 100m. $335 in tcs.

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