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Arena Rush Timing
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Default Arena Rush Timing

OMG Hai to you Glitch.

Arena rush this season lines up a little awkwardly as it overlaps the end of one month and the beginning of another. This means clans are activating expensive, heavy-PvP runes for two full months but will only really see returns for one month and 6 days. Is there any chance this could be avoided in future, or if it does happen can it be lined up so there is a rush week at the start of a subsequent season but within that month?

As it stands the bigger clans will be dropping tens of millions of gold for the final 6 days of rush, then the PvP runes will sit unused in the tempering week before next season. If we're back to team arena as you said would probably happen a while ago, rating and token gains will be rubbish for the first two weeks so while the runes will be in use, there will be very little gain.

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