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One fringe note - the percent increase on DD gems is entirely irrelevant at your level. At best, it will occasionally provide +1 damage to your spells. This is really true for most class bonuses - they tend to do very little, especially in the early going.
Agreed on that point. Don't worry about the extra damage you get from your class. As a Necromancer, I get a +1 damage for every 20 black damage I do. I only put active into skill enhancement when I don't want to level. Warlocks also will get an extra point every 33 damage they do (from memory) at the start.

When I do get to level 60 - it will be interesting if I go down the weapon wielding path too and just use gems as a backup. At the moment, I kill things faster than a weapon wielding build, but I seem do die a lot more too. Good for levelling, but not good for boss quests.

Does anyone out there use the + resistance to blue aura? I was wondering wether to actually get grey magic up and use these as well?
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