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Okay, so I'm a Warlock. (If you haven't already guessed) I'm level 7 with 11 in staves, 10 in black magic, training red magic to 10'ish, training parry, training 2handed/overcrit/crit, training destruction.

Am I doing alright? I'm also using DD gems because I beleive the Warlock has a percentile increase on DD gems. Is there anything I'm missing/should do?
Not really much to change. As a spellcaster, you need to make sure you have plenty of Protection skill - you can't equip a shield and your healing capabilities are limited (need gem slots for firepower, not for heals) - so your armor needs to keep you alive. Additionally training parry and impedance will help negate some of the damage you take, which can be critical, but armor is first and foremost on the list of "Stuff that keeps you from being dead".

Of course, I'm not a big fan of being a low-level spellcaster, having started out as one. They're just not very effective.

One fringe note - the percent increase on DD gems is entirely irrelevant at your level. At best, it will occasionally provide +1 damage to your spells. This is really true for most class bonuses - they tend to do very little, especially in the early going.
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