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Moordenaar i don't like what u say about me so stfu. U know nothing. If u think archers no need buff, don't ask.

Armored companion make 7k+ damage. I sow that on me. )

All here just talking but noone making some testing to see i am right.
Who is the best archer from Nod ?
Who is the best slasher/crusher/piercer on Nod.
Take the best archer from Nod and duel with the best slasher/crusher/piercer and see who lose the match ?
Oh, in those duels, both must use just weapons and no armors at all. In this way we can see who is the best and wins many time from 10 tryes or more tryes if u want. This thing will evidentiate for truth who will lose everytime. Tempers also can change result.
Why ?
Because if we use armors we can unbalanced reality more or less by properties/options who armors equipment bringing, comparative with the other armor equipment.
So we will stop at primary statuses on defence. No need armors we use just weapons (bow set with 2h weapon, and maybe whips or whip and shield, agains slashers/crusher or piercer (2h or 1h or 1h+shield) as their choice.

I don't want to hear anymore about if u need defence raise defence, if u need damage, raise dex and cnc because is inproper on archers.
Mellee benefit of full defence and damage stats, no need to raise or low something. They have highest damage and highest defence statuses by default because they raise only melee and defence stats to 140 both. Archers can't raise magic and defence skills to 100 only if they loose melee(dex and energy) lower dex ---> lower kite and lower damage for archers and many miss (lower energy, less gems to use or lower rank gems). And not talking about melee can raise 60 points of magic stats for high amount of mana which allows melee to use higher rank gems.

Is improper for melee to give archers advice because melee is interested in his own right and not archers welfare.

Also, when I ask someone to make a change that involves work, we must find that person willing to do it or we'll get polite refusals, otherwise will telling us "that it's fine as it is now", and that is exactly what makes Glitch trying to tell us now, in my oppinion ofc.
Once started... those discussions are here and hopefully we'll catch the Glitch in a better time/mood and again will love to working to make some changes, taking into consideration our reviews. Only hope that thing will happen soon

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