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Originally Posted by chrisdj View Post
conq i have been building a heavy deffencive archer for a long time now! maybe you should check my stats and gear before offering advice on what i'm already doing!
I was not speaking to you when I said build defensively. I was speaking in general. I have seen many people that say archers can't compete pvp and they have very low defense. Your archer looks pretty strong to me.

I prefer faster bows and I really like the thraki fury bow. Was just stating my preferences. If you like a different combination, that is fine. My point is that archery gear is not really underpowered. Its pretty good. I thought you said the same thing a while ago Chris. You like the lg archery gear.


I just think that the game should shy away from buffing individual classes / weapon types at this point because it never ends. One class is buffed and then another one has to be buffed and then another one and it goes on and on. It never ends. I think that new skills should be general purpose. They should benefit everyone.

Anyways ... yes I agree with what you said tj. Fast damage (machine gun is a good analogy). I like it. Its my favorite combo. I've calculated the dps for the set and it is the highest dps ranged combo in the game as far as I know. I prefer a balanced approach and the obliterator quiver is too extreme for my taste. I prefer the thunder eye quiver because it gives a good balance of haste, damage and stats.

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