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Originally Posted by Melegaunt View Post
What you understand by "low levels" ? If im five I think that this is low lvl. Ishould use staves at lvl 20 or lower/higher? Or it depends on me ? Actualyy In second city I dont see any gem which acquired staff to use.
Imo caster weapon progression should go as follows:
Level 1-5: Grass Sword
Level 5-15: Bone Bound War Club
Level 15-25: Staff of the Native or Demon Horn Staff
Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
If they put a nice icon on you it's beneficial if they put a mean one on the other guy it's detrimental.
Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
The player was banned for using an exploit repeatedly without reporting it. There's only 1 proper way to profit off an exploit: report it.
Originally Posted by Huggles View Post
Old Delay/(1+haste%) = New Delay

For slow effects, use the slow % but as a negative.

Just repeat for multiple effects.

DO NOT multiply by 1+slow% to get your new delay. 1*1.4 is not the same as 1/0.6 and your answer will be wrong.
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