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1. In the magic shop in the town, there are other "gems" (spells) that you buy to put in your pouch. Your fire dot is called a CLASS ABILITY. it is actually not a "gem" (spell) Go into the magic shop and buy something called ignition rank 1. you will receive a tutorial.

staff is also in the magic shop. Alot of skills require to staff to activate, read these under psych magic, diab magic, and life magic. (The skill descriptions)

2. Actively train your staves skill, suiting skill, and diabolism skills. Put passive on these as well.

3. Goal is to reach lvl 20 without leaving the game. game gets better and better but the hardest part is riding through the low lvls.

4. Solo farm for trophies, and group kill bosses for drops. Look for the epic drop it will come after you spend about ~20hrs of RRT at your lvl. or 3 drops.
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