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Any player can use any stat. So a warlock could specialise in white magic if they wanted, but won't get a class bonus for it.

Red & black gems are definitely the way to go later, but with the huge bonus of 3%, it is better to go for the other 4 colours first. Red definitley has the best mana+energy to damage conversion rate, and with flare up aura, that increases that too. There are some gems though that aren't worth it.

If you are going to go with a sword/shield warlock, I'd suggest getting more recastable and cantrip spells, and maybe shield auras as well. That way you can keep dealing damage while drawing new spells without worrying about draw speed. Also, look at the recasting healing gems in green which may help out in fights.

Good luck with it - there's a lot of skills to learn for us death mages.

EDIT: If you do go down the sword/shield path, then you don't have to learn any of the skills that have 'if you have a staff' then. That will cut down a lot of skills to learn. Personally, I'd go with the staff and learn two-handed and overcrit combats.

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