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I tried explaining runes to you before in great detail on page 4 of this thread.

Here is the original post. It covers everything you have asked recently.

Originally Posted by Conqueror View Post
Here is how runes and clans work:

In order to use runes you have to be in a clan. You can create your own clan using 50,000 gold or you can join one of the preexisting ones. [Clans are often recruiting in public chat; you must be sent an invite to enter a preexisting clan]. In a clan there are different ranks; these ranks are:

1. initiate
2. civilian
3. soldier
4. veteran
5. officer
6. master

[In order to use runes you have to a soldier or higher in rank (i.e. veteran, officer or master); I didn't include spies in the ranks above; clans can also have spies but spies can not use runes either].

Now lets say you have just started your own clan. Lets say you want to start using runes. What do you do now?

Once you start a clan or are in a clan, there is a compartment called a rune vault [the link for it is next to the auction house icon at the bottom left of the screen]. Once you click on this link, a set of boxes similar to your storage will open up. Runes are placed inside this rune vault.

Once the rune has been placed in the rune vault, it must be activated. Lets say a rank 1 ironclad rune has been placed in the rune vault. If you look at the rank 1 ironclad rune you will see that it says the following:

rune power needed to activate the rune: 50,000
dominance requirement: 0
territory requirement: o
the rune gives 50 extra armor class

1 rune power = 1 gold

Thus, in order to activate the rank 1 iron clad you need 50,000 gold. It can be activated for a month. Next month it has to be activated again.

This is why you want more than 1 person in a clan. When everyone shares the cost it becomes much easier [50,000 gold from 50 people is 1k per person for 50 extra armor class].

Once the rune has been activated, anyone who is in the clan and has a rank of soldier or higher can use the rune. To use the rune:
1. open rune vault
2. right click on an active rune and select "link to runeslot 1 option."
3. Tadaa you are now using a rune.

Higher rank runes need dominance and territory to activate: to get dominance and territory your clan has to go to war. If you are at war with another clan and one of their members comes on to your square, click on their face and select the "clan battle" option. You both have to be soldiers or higher in rank to fight a clan battle. [Note: if you are at war with another clan, the other clan's members' faces will flash yellow]. If you win the clan battle, your clan will gain rune power, dominance and territory. If you lose the clan battle, your clan will lose rune power. So you need to know when it is in your favor to pick a fight.

Be a smart bully.

One more thing: the archeorunology requirement

You can link a regular rune (for example Iron clad 1) to:
slot 1 if you have 20 archeorunology
slot 2 if you have 40 archeorunology
slot 3 if you have 60 archeorunology
slot 4 if you have 80 archeorunology
slot 5 if you have 100 archeorunology
slot 6 if you have 120 archeorunology

You can link a + rune (for example Iron clad 3+) to:
slot 1 if you have 10 archeorunology
slot 2 if you have 30 archeorunology
slot 3 if you have 50 archeorunology
slot 4 if you have 70 archeorunology
slot 5 if you have 90 archeorunology
slot 6 if you have 110 archeorunology

You can link a ++ rune (for example Iron clad 4 ++) to:
slot 1 if you have 0 archeorunology
slot 2 if you have 20 archeorunology
slot 3 if you have 40 archeorunology
slot 4 if you have 60 archeorunology
slot 5 if you have 80 archeorunology
slot 6 if you have 100 archeorunology

In other words each additional + on the rune drops the requirement for the rune slot by 10.

One final thing to consider
Free accounts can use the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th rune slots. They can not use the 2nd and 3rd slots

Standard accounts can use the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th rune slots. They can not use the 3rd

With a premium account you can use all of the rune slots
And my reply to Juan Arquero:

Originally Posted by Juan Arquero View Post
Thanks again Smashbros and Conqueror. I got online to log in my 9 characters and check on this thread. Yes, Conqueror, I know I'm crazy for having 9 characters, especially due to the fact that I don't have much time to actively play them. I'm a taxi driver IRL (often working 80+ hours per week), so most of my character development is passive. I've quoted parts of Conqueror's post below, so that I can give a detailed response in an edit when I have time later today.

Sorry for the late reply. I was a bit busy the past few days myself. But Wow Juan. 80+ hours is a lot of work. Don't wear yourself out.

That's a lot of stuff to make a quiver. I used to be an archer during my youth, but I've never hunted IRL. However, I'm pretty sure that the leather from 19 mongoose skins would be enough to make more than one quiver, even a quiver that holds 20 arrows. Of course, the quivers in Nodiatis only hold one arrow each. I guess all the arrows are magical & teleport themselves back to their quivers or they act like boomerangs (which would explain all the archers shooting themselves when dazed).

I took an archery class too and I've never hunted either. Archery is a lot of fun in real life, I must say.
Regarding the way arrows work and why you need 19 mongoose skins to make one quiver, your guess is as good as mine lol.
I always just thought that your one arrow in the game was some sort of a magical talisman that could be used to summon more arrows of the same type.

I suspected that based on what I've seen other experienced players post or say in civil.

You are right; no way to make money by crafting and selling an item to the store unless the item is epic

I understand your frustration with the crafting system. I've done some noob crafting -- scaling flounders (to reduce their weight & get extra fishing experience) and skinning what I've hunted. I started saving spider silks until one of my characters got a spindle, used two spider silks (worth 1 gold each) to create a spider thread (worth 1 gold) for a net loss of 1 gold and a measily gain of 40 experience. Anybody making thread should be able to do so without losing money, so thread should be worth at least 2 gold each at the stores.

After that experience, I pretty much dismissed the idea of doing much crafting (except for scaling and skinning) with low level Ns. My reason for asking all the questions above about dismantling wasn't so I could do crafting, but due to curiousity regarding if dismantling was worthwhile to get resins to craft into trophies.

I had the exact same experience when I was a "N" account and a lot of other N's have the same experience too. Imagine the heart break when the new comer spends hours saving up just enough gold to buy a skinning knife only to find out that he/she actually lost one gold coin in the process and is in the negative; I bet that a lot of new comers quit the game due to this disappointment.

If I dismantle a charred dagger (worth 2230 gold retail or 423 wholesale), will I get enough resins to make trophies worth about 66,907 experience (2230 divided by 33.33) or 12,691 experience (423 divided by 33.33)?

Will I get any resins if I dismantle level 6 (uncommon) armor?

Regarding this: Just take what Chrism said as correct or test it out on your own and post your results. I never dismantle my drops for resins. Even when I was trying to craft items, I wasn't paying attention to what resins I was getting; I was more interested in the crafting aspect of the game. Here is what Chrism said on the previous page:

"Regarding dismantling items and crafting trophies:

The resins produced when dismantling an item are usually worth about 90% of the sell-to-store value. This means that if you are after the resins, just sell the item and buy some resins from the general store in any town. You'll end up producing more experience this way

There are certain combinations of resins that guarantee combats or spirits. To get combats, use a stack of 20, 24, or 28 pure spun pine resins (sold in t4). I can't remember a 100% spirit recipe off hand but I know there is at least one."

My computer is upgraded as far as it can be (2 GB RAM & 512 MB video card), but it still has trouble keeping all 9 characters logged in -- during the 3-4 hours that I was gone, I temporarily lost access to 6 of the accounts (one seems to be active since I can see him on the buddies list of an active character, but I can't control him). If the remaining three start experiencing problems, I'll have to reboot my computer & log in all 9 again.

I don't think that it is a problem with your computer. Nodiatis can be pretty heavy on the computer from what I have heard. The fact that you can log in 9 toons at once, shows me that you have a very nice machine. I have lag outs at times when I have only 2 accounts logged in, in separate browser windows.

Here is what Glitchless said about this:
"Playing more than 3 on a single computer is not advised, nor should you ever really need to. It is best to play Nodiatis in seperate browser windows as opposed to seperate tabs since it can sometimes cause memory issues - but experiment with it if you like.

Note: Playing multiple accounts at once takes a lot of memory, 1 gig at the very minimum but preferably 2 or more."

My main is Juanarquero, since I've been using that name for gaming for years and it has a lot of meaning to me: Juan is a common name in my mother's family, Arquero (Archer) refers to my interest in archery as a youth & the entire name refers to one of my favorite TV characters -- Juan Arquero = John Archer = Jonathan Archer, the captain on Star Trek: Enterprise. Juan Arquero works just as well as a name for a fantasy character, as it does for a science fiction character. My obvious choice of an archer as my first character had nothing to do with the strength of the class -- I would've still created an archer even if it was the weakest class.

It is great that your character name has meaning behind it. A lot of people just sit on their keyboard and go with the alphabets that come up as their character name.

I've thought about buying a TC, but I never use up my RRT, much less my RT on any of my characters, so I would never fully use the benefits of a standard account.

I understand. You are very busy and when you are not busy you would want to relax and not necessarily play Nodiatis in your free time. If you ever have more time to play, you can look into buying a tc . It is not a bad value ($5 for almost a month of standard account service). Alternatively you could save up enough gold on one account to buy a time card on the auction house. They cost about 150k in gold nowadays.

I've often given advice to and/or grouped with noobs to help them get started, mostly Ns, but I've even helped an occasional low level paid player get started (or even given advice to level 10-15 players, paid or Ns).

You are an asset to the Nodiatis community. If you have any questions feel free to ask me and I will be glad to help to the best of my limited ability.

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