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I wasn't aiming at you Thatperson. Neither was I claiming that I know everything or anything about you for that matter. I was talking about a general trend. I am sure that you make informed decisions after carefully considering the variables at hand.

I was a science student and am still a science student for that matter. I could go into the merits of the scientific method but not necessary here.

That elevator experiment was not an experiment I conducted. I can't go over every detail of an experiment in these threads and I am sure that if you read the official paper you might find something that was not accounted for. However, the experimenters did have controls set up and it was a pretty solid experiment.

You are right about the number of people comment you made. 3 people seemed to be the minimum before the subject began turning around himself. 1 or 2 people did not influence the subject's behavior. That is why I said that it takes a certain minimum number of naysayers before the thread goes in a negative direction. Again I didn't mention this originally because this is not the place for a psychology discussion.

And yes I also agree that not everyone fits in to the basic psychology model. There are always outliers. For example, the second experiment I mentioned: electricians were very likely to not push the voltage to lethal amounts. It seems that knowledge seems to be a variable that creates outliers in many cases.

Again, it is not a popular idea to suggest that people do not control their own decision making and are subject to group behavior. People like to be in control of what they do. I am not talking about you or singling any body else out. I just mentioned a general trend.
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