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It is not that the game is trying to rip you off. The game is a business. It presents you with a product and you can choose to pay for that product if you feel that it will give you enough bang for your buck.

Epic items are in no way necessary to play the game. They are payed upgrades. If you don't want to purchase the virtues just destroy the epic items. There are many players who never get any virtues or use any epics. For the early epics you won't get enough return (gold wise) for your items anyhow. It will cost 2 time cards to get 2 virtues and the early epics auction for a much lower value; the time card sells for 150k gold a piece or more nowadays in comparison.

Take the game in stages. I tell most people to spend 5 bucks and get a time card for 28 days of standard account access. Then if they like the game and enjoy it they can buy more upgrades as they see fit depending on their budget.
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