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what do runes do? I found 2 that require level 20 archeoruneology. what do they do for me when i get my skill up.
Runes are clan objects that can be linked to one's equipment. They give a bonus to a stat or a skill/ability.

This is how a rune is used:

1) The clan masters/officers places the rune into the clan rune vault.
2) The rune is activated with the appropriate Rune Power (RP)
Note that 1 RP = 1 gold.
3) Clan members of soldier rank and above, and with the required
Archeorunology skill can now link the rune to their equipment, and enjoy its

Runes last for a calendar month (ie. from the 1st to end of the month), so they have to be re-activated with the require RP again.
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