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lest's say that you have 200 trophies of 1k exp each, and EXACTLY 1/10 of an exp rush, making fixed probabilitieas for calulation, we have these:

200 trophies in 10 stacks of 20, will be with fixed percentage, 1 stack rushed, and 9 normal stacks
9*20k + 1*40k = 220k exp, right?

now, let's take stacks of 10 troph

200 in 20 stacks of 10, with fixed percentage, 2 rushs and 18 normals
18*10k + 2*20k = 220k

and if we take even more far the separation, we have 200 stacks of 1 troph, 20 rushes, and 180 normals

180*1k + 20*2k = 220k

These are simply maths calcs, not intended for making trouble or more disscusion bout it, leading us to the conclussion that luck, and no other thing is taken into account... someone like to sac big stacks, that's fine, but sac a little stack do NOT give you an exp loss

But, in fact they are some other things to take in to the picture:

-Sacrificing partial stacks of diffrent numbers, could make you gain a rush with a minor stack, and normal exp with big... also the opposite, rush with big, norm with small (verry nice) but it's matter of luck
-Sacrificing a short number of big stacks could make this:
let's say you have 20 trophies, sacrificing as 1 stack, has a 1/10 (with fixed) of giving you the rush... if do, great, you manage to make 20 throps into the rush, but separating it in 2 give you 1/5 of getting half the benefits of the prior example... to make it short, it's the same in the long run... xD
-And finally, its definitely better sacrificing a larger stack, just b4 to lvl up skill higher than your own lvl, because the exp dont take the penalties, and dividing stacks to get skills closer to the next lvl to big stack its recomended also

well. i hope someone will understand my point, sry 4 my poor english, and long text xD
really like the game, first post in the forum woot! xD
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