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saying crit/double hits help us more with faster hits is like saying crush slash spec helps you more because you hit faster. Thats wrong....

It is true with the procs though. but ONLY procs


so with trophies, the average is the same but there's MORE variation with LARGER stacks. Its just as likely for the larger stacks to give more/less xp.

idk where you're getting smaller stacks = more xp from.
1. I said that quicker weapons activates the effects more often than slower, more powerful weapons. So, to get a quicker weapon while DWing would be to level Dual Wielding.

It helps KILL faster, not hit faster. Hpwever, hitting FASTER, in theory, KILLS faster.

2. Using more, lower stacks, instead of less, higher stacks gives more chances to get an exp rush, and thus has the chance to net more exp in the long run.

However, all of the above is in theory, I have not tested it out. I do not have the resources to test the above, unlike some higher levels *wink wink* who do have the resources.

I apologize if I was not clear.
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