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On the actual tip, at the bottom, is almost the entire point of that suggestion.
Never take the risk of gaining an EXP rush on a partial stack.
It's just a little more complex is all, but thats the brunt of it.

You seem like a fairly intelligent individual, how about you take your chances, and make a tip to share with all of Nodiatis Beylok?
Well aside from encouraging DWers to focus on the DW and Spec skills for DPS...

Travel XP: The two closest cities are T4 and T5, so travel between them repeatedly for quick XP. Around level 18-21 is also good to grind to and from while travel xping to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I would focus on Exploration first (especially if no Travel Mode), because it speeds you up while traveling, which increases the rate of your travel XP. After that I would prioritize Plunderfiend, and then Treasure Sense. Plunderfiend is a direct 0.3% increase in actively gained trophy XP in the long run, and it adds up quick. If you have travel mode, you will want to max plunderfiend in order to maximize your efficiency when grinding.

The same argument applies to Treasure sense. The effects of Treasure Sense are somewhat smaller, however, because the value of the trophies you accumulate from mobs is always higher than the gold collected from chests.

Plunderfiend and Treasure Sense are the only 2 exploration skills that effect your grinding efficiency, and should be maxed.

Good tip huh?

Archeorunology is also important but applies only if you're in a guild and high enough level/paid.

*double edit*
This also isnt to suggest that the other skills arent important as well, but the ones highlighted in my suggestion should probably be kept higher on average, because there are stronger benefits.

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