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What Relic is saying is that the larger the stack, the larger the rush.

I.E if you sacrifice a stack of trophies and get 20k exp, the rush would give you 40k.

If you sacrifice a stack of trophies that gave you 25k, you would get 50k on a rush.

The larger the exp amount, the higher the rush.

However, I understand what you are saying.

Sacrificing many trophies in an attempt to get more rushing is sound in theory, just like Relic's idea.

With Relic's idea, you are risking using all of your trophies without even getting one exp rush.

With Beylok's idea, you get less massive rushes and run the chance of getting more rushes, and maybe even netting more exp in the long run.

For Beylok's idea on weaponry.

Relic, remember when you started using 14s on Seletchi? How fast your attacks were and how your bleeds started stacking? Remember how Seletchi was winning in the beginning, but your effects and fast attacking won in the end?

Beylok is saying that speed is the key, and I agree. More attacks/minute means greater chances of getting critical hits, hemorrhages, epic procs, and any other skill procs.

However, with great speed, lacks great power. That's why the effects and increased chances come into play.

Personally, I would only use faster weapons on an opponent without an epic BP, to prevent triggering the effect. On that kind of opponent, you would use a slow strong weapon.

The weapons you use depends on the situation, your build, and what you prefer.
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