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You completely misunderstand the tip about sacrificing trophy's, you're the second person to do this. It is vividly explained in much detail, I don't understand how you guys keep mistaking this. It is correct, i can assure you this. I will not take my time to this again, I apologize.

For your second comment, I did not use any mathematical data from skills, I only made an alt and leveled certain melee skills to 20, one at a time, also with a lot of untraining involved (while time testing all kills) and those 2 skills have been shown to kill mobs in the shortest amount of time (same color, same equip, no pets), regardless of what the skill data proclaims, that's what the kill speed data shows.
I do not post tips that I have not proven and/or tested myself.
Thank you for your interest and mathematical data though,
and, for paying attention.

Edit: I will add to your first comment, with the correct meaning as soon as I get time, I hate to leave you hanging like that Beylok.
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