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Hey Relic, great guide. I hate to be a stickler, but there are a couple of things that are off.

1- Once you're above level 50, you can sacrafice 25 trophys at a time.
Kill mobs in sessions, and hoard all your trophys from that session into your storage. Sacrafice them all at once in increments of exactly 25 stacks. (Get your item stacking to 20, 45, or 70, in order to achieve stacks of 25, 50, or 75) This prevents from sacraficing partial stacks, which is a waste of EXP when you get an EXP rush. You'll get much more exp/skills much faster using this method.
Never take the risk of gaining an EXP rush on a partial stack. Do Not neglect/underestimate your learning skill, Rush of Knowledge.
Sorry, but this is not true at all. Statistically, you are just as well off sacrificing 1 trophy at a time as 10 or 25. There is nothing I've read that says "the larger the stack, the higher the chance of an xp rush". If you have an uneven stack and get a rush, it isnt a waste that it was not a full stack. You have the same xp rush % chance nomatter what, so in the long run it really does not matter. Others can weigh in if you disagree, but I'm 95% sure I'm right on this one.

3- If you're finding it hard to pick which skills to level first, and you're a melee or beast master type character, Crit Strike, and Double Attack will show the most increase in DPS.
I've got to disagree here as well.

CRIT (0.125% - 0.25% dmg increase per point)
This skill gives .25% chance to crit, even if you have 100 overcrit, only increases your overall damage by 0.25% per level. That actual % damage increase is between 0.125 and 0.25% per level depending on overcrit, and for most it would be less than 0.2% per point. -this skill effects hemmorage, but no other procs-

DOUBLE ATTACK (0.2% dmg increase per point)
Since a triggered double attack will effect procs, hemmorage, and slice/puncture/slash. It represents a 0.2% flat increase per point to your overall DPS, which is very good. I would consider it stronger than Crit, especially because it does not rely on Overcrit for its damage.

SPEC SKILLS (0.2% - 0.4% dmg increase per point)
The beauty of the spec skills is that there is no variance. Your damage goes up and you dont need an effect to trigger for it to work. The only difference is that it does not effect slice/puncture/slash, or weapon procs. Hemmorage is effected.

DUAL WIELD (0.25% dmg increase per point)
Dual wield is the most DPS effective skill for a DW player. The 0.5% speed increase in the description actually increases your overall attack speed by 0.25%, which is an across the board DPS increase. It effects crits AND all other procs, and effectively multiplies their power to even further increase your DPS. It is easily the most efficient skill you can increase, aside from Pierce Spec for piercers, which is slightly ahead.

So my ranking of power for these skills are:

Dual Wield
Double Attack

Hemmorage and Slice/Puncture/Smash are all nice as well, but should not effect the overall DPS as strongly as the 4 skills I wrote about.

Let me know if this seems accurate
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