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Well, from all the different MMOs I have played over the years the majority restrict you to one character PERIOD. I personally feel that this should be the case for many reasons, including but not limited to farming, self-grouping, and basically taking over most of the game.

This discussion has pretty much turned into "how can we abuse and exploit this game?" Seriously, if you have so much free time that you need to come up with ways to cheat at a free game, you need to get a life. I'm not trying to incite a flame war or anything, because I know it will happen as surely as people will try to cheat and ruin a free game.

I started out playing for free. It seemed like it was worth a few bucks a month out of my rather limited disposable income. I don't feel any game is worth more than maybe $10 a month, and that's assuming it's REALLY good, and I think it's rediculous that people will spend that multiple times a month for a character, and then have multiple characters, just to falsly claim that they are the best.

But you know what, if they can get suckers to do that then power to ya. If you really need to blow all your money on something, you could invest in something that will offer returns (like furniture or other things for your home). Surely there's worse things you can waste $500 a month on, but the list of better things is much much longer.

I realize now that this game really isn't worth my time and money just because I know I will never get anywhere trying to play in an honorable manner. The game itself has been wonderful so far, but now that my eyes are open to how things work I don't feel I can continue much longer. Maybe something might change enough to change my feelings, but I doubt it. The players seem to enjoy what they are doing and I can't imagine that the administration is too upset about all the money coming in.

Eh, whatever. i'm not you guys. Even if I had the power to stop you I wouldn't because I believe in free will. I just felt somewhat strongly on the subject and needed to rant a bit.

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