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Well, to tell you the truth, I think the game is going down hill, forums and all. I believe the company is tryin g but they refuse to listen to the people that make the company money. I guess that is there choice but I beleive it is the wrong choice. When you have so many upset PAYING players at where the game is headed you would think somebody would get an idea to change it back and look at the problems and the solutions that people have given. That is how the military does it. Maybe we don't make since to anybody I guess. my bad. I have given in. The way the game is going though I will get Evilviper and USAViper to level 70, pk with both accounts, then quit the game. I will be throwing in little to no money to do this. Evilviper will be the first to hit level 70 and will buy tc's from gold to get usaviper up there, it will take time but I do what I beleive is right. There is my 2 month notice Jeff and Mike.
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