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Originally Posted by Tsutsu View Post
#1 we have multiple top 16 teams, we get multiple votes?
#2 how will the tournament be knock-out best of 3 etc
#3 those are the only 2 dates correct?
#4 do we designate someone to vote for our team/s?
#5 we can go for any time period?
#6 how quickly will you let us know which day/time it is going to be?
#7 will it be 1 match at a time?
#8 are we going to be penalized for having so many top teams?
#1 no
#2 see below
#3 yes
#4 yes
#5 no, read it again. The time is already set.
#6 we'd like people to have as much time to plan as possible, so we'll have a definitive answer by this Saturday
#7 see below
#8 no direct penalty, but if there needs to be multiple matches at once for time purposes, you may have trouble juggling and need to prioritize one over the other.

It would be a bad idea to have any kind of format based on points

One potential format being considered which avoids any RNG in team selection is:
Top 16 (at most) teams enter.
The 16th team has a best 2 of 3 vs the 15th team.
The winner of that has a best 2 of 3 vs the 14th team.
The winner of that has a best 2 of 3 vs the next team, etc
Until finally, a team advances all the way to face the current 1st place team for a best 3 of 5. 3 draws, or 1/1 win + draw would result in the higher ranked team advancing.

This would result in at most 14*3 + 5 = 47 matches, 10 mins per match, 470 mins or just under 8 hours. This is about 8 times longer than we'd want a tournament to be, which means we'd need to do some of the following:
i. Shorten max match length to 5 mins
ii. Have single elimination for teams 16 through 11
iii. Have multiple matches occur at once, ie 16 vs 15 faces the winner of 14 vs 13, winner of that faces winner of 12 vs 11, winner of that faces winner of 9 vs 8, etc, up until 5 vs 4. At that point, we could switch to 1 match at a time, so winner of 5 vs 4 goes against 3, winner of that goes against 2, winner of that goes against 1.

This format makes sense in general because it allows the 16th place team to potentially win, however, it makes it more difficult for them to do so by needing to beat many teams on their way. That way, there's still a reason to want to fight for the highest ranks prior to the tournament.
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