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The aim should be to make arena more competitive. Personally I think the long drawn out seasons and the necessity to queue for hours each day to have a chance at winning has many people avoiding competing. This season has been particularly slow. 4-5 hours could go by without a decent match (for a top team).

1. Shorter seasons, By short I mean 1-2 months. Nobody wants to devote 4 months of their life to hardcore queue for a chance at winning. Maybe 1-2 months would be more doable for lots of people.

2. A tournament/league style at the end of the season, where x amount of teams qualify and then each team meets each other x amount of times. Gaining fixed points for winning and nothing for losing. The points gathered will place teams from 1-x. This could go on for a week or two after normal season ends to finalize the top of the leader board.

Personally I think a combination of both would be great for this game. I would much rather this and have no bonus during off seasons (if there needs to be off seasons for 1-2 months) than to keep arena the way it currently is. This would be for 3v3 only as the problem doesn't arise in other solo 3v3 and solo seasons.

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