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In the browser (chrome based), I was able to have six toons open with no timeouts. Whereas for the last couple of weeks or so, with client, I could barely have three open before chain timeouts would happen.

Browser seems to be in slo-mo, but everything happens. Only slight delay for images to load, sounds are in sync, all chatters have faces and the map loads before I start moving instead of after I've crossed. Please note my laptop is generally slo-mo like anyway.

I even tried arena again - client was so backwards that the sounds for arena were almost 20 sec delay, some motions too. The slo-mo in the browser was not conducive to proper arena effort, but at least all the sounds and images were contained to during the match.

So, with my nub eyes, the client does seem to be a culprit. I can try to record video, of each, this weekend if you reeeeeaaalllly want me to, Glitch.
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