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Originally Posted by Khettry View Post
So here's my thought. Have a Nod bank, only accessible from one space. You can deposit up to a total between 500m to 5b, purchasable upgrades in increments of 100m each or something like that, with increasing cost. Maybe 5m to raise from 500m to 600m, then 10 for 700m, 20 for 800m, etc. Tax applies to each deposit (or withdrawal), no interest to gain by saving it.

In addition, bank teller can convert your non-stackable items, for tax equitable amount (5% of shop buy value if you don't have bartering raised), to/from a slip similar to the consumable plans. They can be sold in AH in stacks so they take up less space in storage.

Another potentially high cost upgrade for the bank is allowing the overage from AH sales (possibly OP gold rushes, too, but i wouldn't force it) to go directly into the bank with the same rate of deposit/withdrawal fee applied.
It is somewhat optional idea but it won't happen in the form you suggested as it carries a drawbacks .

Trading , crafting , artistry and resourcing need some tweaks at first place .

I think there's too much focus on killing mobs atm and related stuff and not enough attention towards everything else. For me gathering/creating things is what's makes Nod playable for years rather than another boring grinding game .
Yes grinding is a huge part of the game but at least we have options to do other things .
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