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Originally Posted by Blaze View Post
Did you even read what Norman said?

I'll translate it ffs.

If you drink potions before you reroll. Even paid reroll. They vanish. Obviously having a high level toon drink say r12 pilgrim pots then rerolling it'd be kinda lame. (or worse. A cap making a pk alt drinks r15 ac pot then goes pk at level 40 in tm so the pot doesn't fade. Huge edge against other toons). However if you have say 100 potion making. Even at level 1 you could drink that.

So if you drink your potions in bulk. Like Norman did for pilgrim. He drank hundreds. Thus has days of accumulated time remaining. He wants to know if he raises his potion making skill. So that it would be allowed for him to drink them at level 1.if those potions can persist through the reroll instead of going into the void. Ie I have 100 potion making. I drink 100 potions. I reroll. I keep those potions because I could have drank them at level 1 anyway.
Yes, I did read the post.

He wants to know if Glitch is willing to make potions last through reroll

Glitch has answered the question

Did you even read Glitch's answer , ffs ?
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