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Self healing isn't really possible for anything other than staff users... which at that point you would just use staff of shielding and the drain mitigation portion of it is meaningless.... Regen is strong in these formats where healers aren't something you can rely on yes. But having a 100k gem completely negate someones ability to do the thing they're trying to (taunt so your team can actually live and do damage) is a bit ridiculous. Even just dropping the timmy its self to put on the toad, compeltely ignoring the fact it then further degens you by 90% is a massive loss in your ability to stay alive. There is already a lot of counters to regen...

I dont think it's right to have the toad add the 90% listless as well. You can't just broadly claim timmy or regen is op in any format that's not 3v3 premade either. It's a combination of a lot of things that go into the regeners actually being strong toons. You can't just throw regen and timmies on any toon and do well. The people with the higher win/loss ratios do regen, but we're also just strong toons outright, you take away our ability to survive, or our ability to help other toons on our team survive and most everything in this format is going to be useless. Melee doesn't deal incredible dps, nor do archers, or even DD's for that matter to people who are setup to somewhat counter them(having any decent amount of cnt mitigates so much of a DD's damage) It's just a bit silly that some of the strongest toons in game are completely countered by a gem that costs nearly nothing to buy, and can be used very easily by certain builds. This does not provide any real sort of mitigation in those losses either. It's an extremely niche item that realistically has no place to be used outside of premade 3v3.

Also, how is 10% crit resist better than a flat 10% mitigation that a timmy provides?

TL;dr - losing the 75% regen bonus from a tier 1 timmy is already a significant loss in your survivability. Adding an additional 90% loss to regen is a bit insulting to not even provide a very reliable counter to the drains. The other benefits of the pet do somewhat help offset this... but not nearly enough to warrant losing all of your regen capabilitys to which there are already plenty of counters.
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