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My problem is this pet is very hard to actually use in 1v1 or 3v3 solo que.

1v1 If you start with this pet every fight your at a disadvantage since not everyone is a drainer. If you dont start with this VS a drainer, your drained before you get the drain reduction.

Similar problem in 3v3 solo que. Nearly useless to start with it / if you dont start your drained before it matters. Some caster builds are able to take the useless pets more often then not. BUT thats 1 build.

Tanks/melee need timmies to survive, so either they get drained, or they die very fast. Regardless what option you choose the result is the same, Drains screwed you that match.

Bms cant really run it since lack of dps/useful proc for majority of fights.
Archers. Need timmies/stalkers to survive, same issue as melee
dders Again if they dont run regen/timmies or stalkers they die very fast and losign those for most fights is not a real option, unlikely being able to swap to them before being drained
Dbl doter. One of the only builds that can take the hit of useless pets most fights since most run mongos/hogs and can swap to those at the start without a major loss.
Staff doters & healers already using shielding staff so dont need the counter

Could be useful in premade arena depending on the team and options up options, BUT, that is a very niche lg that has 10+ months gap to being useful. Even in premade doubt more then a couple teams who try to arena without healers will use it
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