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Originally Posted by Huggles View Post
The issue is that for most players, the incentive to arena is to get bonus, and maybe tokens- not to win. Pair that with a slow queue and most players will just try to get matches over as quickly as possible, to the detriment of their teammates.

The teams that were throwing last season did this by queueing naked to quickly die. I don't suggest people will do this in Solo Queue 3v3, but someone who is capable of healing or tanking might go DPS instead to get the fight over faster, one way or the other.

You'll have people who are in it for the wins and people who are in it for the bonus, and they are on the same team with conflicting interests.
Have you done any arena? Basically every fight is 1-2 sam tanks per team with a healer/doter or nubs who die instantly. Even fights where 2/3 get popped and die instantly the fight still generally take 3-4 mins to finish due to all the tanks in it.

Only thing ive noticed with "slow que" is if you have multiple toons in que at once at slower times, otherwise it has not been that bad imo.
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