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Originally Posted by Demons View Post
changes to seasons affect q speeds cause no one wants to deal with a crap season and crap bonus gain and sitting in q for 5+ irl hours to get 10% bonus. just to farm daily rrt in 1 hour irl....see an issue? make accell / da increase bonus gains would be my suggestion. would see more people q'ing for bonus and would be able to get the decent bonus not having to sit in q for 5+ hours. hope ur not on durring a slow q time either or its garunteed over 5 hours

45 matches = 9.6% arena bonus, 5~ hours of queuing roughly

token gains, dom, and ter gains are also pretty bad as well. felt so unrewarding i decided to start pilgrimage instead. and of course, the headache of people who can't even shatter a single gem lol. let alone have the basic mindset of PVP

perfect arena style for noobs to grind some tokens and get a few wins, but if this format is to help the weaker toons, why is bonus nerfed? why are token and dom/ter gains crap too? If the point of this season is to be more casual, than shouldn't the participation reward at least be worth it?

O.o just my two cents though, I may try harder in the season later, but for now its just meh.
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