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I popped up with an awesome idea for recognition!

Recognition would be brilliant if a black market would exist. A traveling merchant that wanders through towns that pops up instead of a random boss encounter. The higher the recognition the higher tiers he would sell or the rarer the resource would be, the higher recognition you need to have to buy it! He wouldn't be selling the normal stuff you can buy in the towns but he will be selling random plants, ores, silks, dusts, fish, ... ofcourse not infinite... maybe drop a random pet in it aswel cause he is constantly traveling between towns and unknown areas and encounters weird stuff!

About his prices... would have to be cheaper or more expensive than AH price. i'm a little stuck there but i think that idea could be brilliant.

You could even make it sell LG and epic consumables or master plans (would also fix probs on server2)

Tell me what you think of this

and sorry if i said this in a wrong topic... didn't know really if i needed to make a new one or not...

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