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v1.360 Share Your Accomplishments
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Default v1.360 Share Your Accomplishments

You are now able to share your accomplishments on Google+ and Facebook via the Nodiatis interface. To do so open your accomplishments window and mouseover any of your accomplishments. You will see a Google+ and Facebook button next to the specific accomplishment which you can click to share. This feature is also currently available for all types of resources as well including things that you craft such as cloth. Simply right click the item in your inventory and a Google+ and Facebook button will appear that you can click to share.

This is a great way for you to show off some of the highest tier resources that only the luckiest and hardest working players manage to collect or craft. If we get a good response from this addition we will be adding the capability of sharing other accomplishments such as boss kills or the acquisition of Epic and Legendary items.
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