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Originally Posted by Arkxixi View Post
The point is that if he has a chance to lose with a member AFK, why queue up unless you have something set up with other teams to draw if cannot kill? Seems kinda riggy to me. 3v2 shouls be simple win at cap Top 10 teams.
No, it is all up to Glitchless, i inspected them for 30min and checked tops list , i knew something was wrong since i saw Bengrim with shield and Manga with shield for 10minutes both exactly at the same times, it happened twice.

In the mean time(in between those 2 draws) Bengrim was trying to kill Dennis team however, Ghosttamer and Paul have very nice healing skills unlike mangas team that dont stand a chance to draw.

Bengrim claimed that Dark was AFK and thats why they couldnt kill manga, weird because he wasnt AFK when they faced Pauls in between.

Bengrims team was warned and they lost respect at all for the game, manipulating arena to let their master stay on the top 10 is just way too low for my principles to dont report it.

I wish we could watch arena matches so we could get evidence but im sure of whats going on and everyone in here is as too. Perhaps you can check the logs and or something to verify their chats.

We are a community and we want equal oportunity for everyone, this is just not about winning or losing, this is about sportmanship and principles. Bengrims team was warned, yet they lost respect since they can do anything they want because we would never be able to have a 100% proof due the lack of possible ways to see what happen between them, arena tops list doesnt even record the draws.

Manga went directly to me to and he was threatening me for at least 20min about many things, confirming that he did something wrong and wanted to scare me so i dont report him, i do not fear nothing, all i seek for is sportsmanship and principles so the community equally enjoy what they deserve.

It is up to Glitchless.

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