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Originally Posted by Arkxixi View Post
The point is that if he has a chance to lose with a member AFK, why queue up unless you have something set up with other teams to draw if cannot kill? Seems kinda riggy to me. 3v2 shouls be simple win at cap Top 10 teams.
lmao arkxixi, it is possible to Que for an arena match, and need to go afk while qued, rather then taking yourself outta the que, you stay in (since times between fights are so long) and hope you dont get a fight. I have done this many times, but our waiting times between fights was more then a mere 30 mins, way back in the second season, we waited upwards or 3 hours to get a grey team that didnt even give us rating!. AND believe it or not, we all went afk at times, it happens.
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