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Arena rant
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Originally Posted by Mimi View Post
Who is the best team?
Look who has the most wins against teams rated ones.

To know who is the best team, for confirmation, top 5 Teams must compete with each Other in let's say 5-10 games.

The length of the arena season has to be longer than 5-10 games. I can do that in an hour or two, depending on the congestion of the arena queue.

Anyway, this arena was the longest ever. In my opinion it is not allowed. In addition we do not know when it ends than 2 weeks before. In any contest of this world is announced, yet long before you start any contest is announced start date and end date of that contest. At that time all contestants must complete all their matches to reach a result, any good or not provided, the absence or abandonment of those enrolled for various reasons.

In my opinion, any delay in completion of a contest can seriously disadvantage those who are on top, others can catch up to them and emulate them. It seems that in this arena has happened so far.
In this case, the awards are given to those who probably do not deserve.
Therefore, I consider that to be announced in advance, so start on the day of the arena and when it ends.

The length of the arena season does not null the rest of the rules. A lengthy season is not a free pass to buy wins.

I heard that many of the top 5 players avoid each other, trying not to fight each other.
San is absolutely right here. And in my opinion is that there is no respect and fair play in this arena. This can happen because the arena don't have some very strict rules to not allow teams to avoid one another. It is disappointing to hear this. Just the top teams would have to fight each other most times, very little to distinguish without doubt the best. The fact that top teams are able to avoid each other is like a big lie.
Also... awards received by each team can be regarded as unfair.
Therefore it should be rebuilt ongoing regulation so that it will be impossible to avoid fight.


Why only 3 vs 3 arena?
And why not arena 1 vs 1?

The arena 3 vs 3 team can break at any time due to numerous and diverse problems. Do not write anywhere that will participate in infinitely same players on the same team in all leagues.
While the arena 1 vs 1, it will always attend the same player and can not be influenced by loss or not, one of the teammates.
Should be and arena 1 vs 1, not necessarily for awards, but for fame, to recognize the best player in the game.
Glitch can register the final games to all can see.
We can learn from each end of the arena 3 vs 3 were is the best three players, but it is suspected that there was no official competition where you can distinguish the best player of this game.

1v1 is called "PKing". I already suggested a seasonal prize for this, but have been ignored so far. If you are interested in supporting this, please follow this link.

Seasonal PK/PKK Top 10 Awards

I see brings up the fact that some players can play more than others. This favors them more. Not all have enough free time. Some may work easier, others harder and play rarely, others are at school, others are on vacation. Others may be retired and have all the time in the world to play Nod.
Exploitation of toon by other players can make the characters very strong, in according to agreements between them.

If you can't participate in arena, that's not everyone else's problem. Most teams go out of their way to make time for arena competition. Those who chose to do something else forfeit that opportunity.

Two. Do Not share or trade accounts. Obviously due to rule # 1 You Can not share or trade accounts since you'd have to Give Someone your password to do that. So DO NOT DO IT.

No kidding. That doesn't mean that everyone is going to honor the rules.

This rule prevents breakdown of acquisitions in that character, but if the person who lent a strong character, to exploit, it is fair to the one from which he borrowed, then there is no problem.
It can also lend character to make PL a weaker character, saving time, and return in same condition, it is good also. But is also exploitation.

There is a difference between buying a PL and borrowing a character.

I bought the accel with dollars, grinder I bought with dollars, I bought 4 months premium or standard both for my main and ALTS, i bought with dollars many virtues, both for my main and alts since I was low lvl, lower then lvl 30. And now, what I hear? Someone else share his account to other player to buy accel, virtues and grinder without spending any dollar ?
Why to spend so much dollars when i can exploit someone else powerfull alts. Nobody told me this when I was low lvl. Is not fair. Or maye is but i'm feel betrayed, i am very upset to hear that anyway.

It is not a new thing for TC's to be traded for gold. This helps the underage (13-18) players to succeed despite a probable lack of credit card access.

P.S. Also i hear casters can make double gold or trophies then others. This is fair ?

If you don't like your build, try /reroll
My point is basically that there are people who are going to find any weakness they can and exploit the **** out of it. This doesn't mean we should give up trying to improve the PvP system.
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