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v1.275 Ranger Change, PK Level now 20, Interface
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Default v1.275 Ranger Change, PK Level now 20, Interface

The ranger will now receive a 2% (6% with skills) bonus to min and max ranged damage as opposed to the 8% (24% with skills) bonus to just min damage. The min damage bonus was determine to be inadequate, however, the ranger bonus to bow damage is still well below the archer's due to the bonus to green magic and superior class ability.

The minimum PK level is now 20 instead of 5. 20 is still an easy level to reach before twinking out a PK character and at level 20 you will be forced to at least take on players who can fight their way out of a paper bag.

Your own combat gems when in play will no longer show a full description, just their name. You should already know what your gems do and the large descriptions were only getting in the way.

You will now be able to properly see group members mana and energy during looting.
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