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personally if 84 hours don't tick when i'm sitting in town or twing idc. i don't burn tcs and i don't have plans to arena for 12 hours a day so whether i shared or not there's no way i'd use up my 84 hours farming/arenaing :{

in 3v3 team arena when you only get 1-2 rating an hour at the top levels this might be hassle tho. teams like ex/brickk had to queue like 16 hour days to catch up to tsurguyb's team. so guess this would be late season/rusher nerf.

teams like freaky's who afk queued for tokens.. technically can't complain if it's limited i guess. if only 1 member is present for half the matches you're not exactly trying 100% so its undeserved rating for random nubs who can kill that 1. could be abused hiding arena fixing if you had ill intentions.

also might suck for people who can't farm when in arena queue for various reasons like pouch is messed up for pvp auras they're too poor for multiple rune sets etc

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