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Rerolling and boss kills
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Default Rerolling and boss kills

You said in the first post of this thread that u keep boss kills IF u rerolled in 7 days.
1 - So then that leads to the reverse, if I never rerolled, I should sell all my gear, keeping the gold, my skills will stay, and then when i reroll, I will begin the boss kills all over?
2- I do not keep my str, int, etc. stats though?
3 - I took Angel class and find that, although i have a stave and cool gem stats, staves are rare. 9 levels and i never make enough money and only 2 stave choices. I should find a faster 1H and shield then for now? Or Reroll?
4 - and last, sorry, learning skills stay but not defense, life, adventure, etc?
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