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i run an angel, and if i do say so myself, one of the best in the game at this point. my advice, is start off getting white, green and blue magic all to lvl 10. then getting the lvl 13 stave. white magic is important for healing and dots. green and blue for energy and mana repair. if you wing it right, you will have an unlimited amount of mana and energy for casting.
what i will offer, is if you need any help, message me in game and i will be more than happy to help you out and give you pointers.
also, sleight of hand is helpful. and lvl 10 wizardry is a must. lvling petmanship up is very helpful, due to the fact that at lvl 18, you can equip the chipmunk for the added healing. also, have a resurrection in your inventory at all times. (so you won't be surprised when you have to revive your teammates. -.-) mental conservation (in white magic) is helpful.
as for leveling your stats, i would suggest investing in dex and pst for melee, cnc and mst for magic, dur and cnc for defense (occasionally dropping some into agi) and leveling up your recovery stats as needed. (depending on which one you use the most and regens the slowest)
due to the level 20 skills, i would advise keeping combat recovery up. (there are skills later on that help to recover energy and mana)
and above all else, have a stave equipped. the benefits from it are phenominal later on. and you will regret it if you dont. (you lose out on ALOT of skills if you dont)
thats my 2 cents, and if you want any more help, feel free to contact me.
The war is waged, the battles are fought, the Angels and the Demons vow that none shall be left standing. Compassion, never to be seen on the battlefield, one lone angel left standing at the battle's end, sword against her foes throat, tears in her eyes, for her fallen comrades and the slain enemies around her, staring into the eyes of the last demon, lowers her sword, a single act of compassion and mercy, never to be forgotten.

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