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Thank you, Sarah, for choosing to forsake leveling in favor of skills. My main, Ehlmaris, is level 20 right now with over 66mil xp and almost 1000 skills. Nobody else at level 20 comes close, and the only ones with close to my skill total tend to be at least five levels over me XD

But yeah. Angels, if I recall correctly, get a big bonus to their white magic gem effects. I suggest using a staff and leveling the hell out of white magic. Green and blue magic are also good to have as support magic, maybe with a bit of red. Those four are it, though.

When it comes to stats, I would raise str, dex and pst fairly evenly. Using white magic you will be using a LOT of energy, and you want to still be able to hit with the staff sometimes. Magic stats - I suggest pumping cnc and int, with int getting twice as much as everything else. Defense stats, get agi and cnt raised evenly, and always make sure they come out to at least 105 + your level. Recovery I wouldn't worry about too much.

Gems, I suggest having 1/3 of your gem pouch being repeater heals. 1/3 needs to be damage gems: either DoT or DD spells. The last 1/3 needs to be support gems. Try getting the Red Magic aura, which adds to spell damage; the energy heal; the mana heal; the white, green, and blue auras; and, of course, some Resurrections.

Combat skills: Weaponry - Two Handed, Critical Strike, Overcrit. Protection - Suiting, Parry, Combat Recovery, Impedance. Beast Mastery - Petmanship, Predacity, Wound. These ten skills are where your combat trophies are going.

Magic skills: Life Magic - Sorcery, White Magic, Green Magic, Mental Conservation. Death Magic - Diabolism, Red Magic, Staves, Sleight Of Hand, Destruction. Psych Magic - Mind Bending, Blue Magic, Wizardry, Divination. Thirteen skills for all your spirit trophies; if you have trouble keeping them all up, Diabolism, Mind Bending, Red Magic, Blue Magic and Green Magic are not that important. White Magic, Sorcery, and all the support skills that say anything about having a staff equipped are.
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