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The point of this game, in my opinion, is to develop your character to be the best it can be. You want to fight those 2 creatures as fast as possible during your rested time so that you can get the highest amount of experience and trophies that it is possible to get; these trophies can then be used to improve your skills. For the most efficient use of rt I suggest that during your rested time you fight yellow orange creatures (meaning + 1 and + 2 lvls higher than you). Since you are a caster and casters are weaker at lower lvls try yellow first and if you can get those in a minute to a minute and a half move up to orange mobs. The faster the better.

Leave bosses till you are out of rt. And once you are out of rt you can try fighting even higher lvl mobs if you want.

Good luck

Edit: oh yeah one more thing

very good site. It actually has all the creatures in all of the zones on the map listed on there. Refer to this site if you want to figure out what kind of trophies you get in an area (for example 3 spirits 1 combat). Site has lots of other good info too.

This is also a good site

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